Focus on Cash Management

Cash flow is the most important business metric to monitor for avoiding operational difficulties. Although unexpected business closures occur most often for new ventures, harsh economic conditions can induce circumstances that also threaten the survival of seasoned operations. In most cases, the trouble was avoidable. Averting cash flow mistakes is vital to weathering the punishing headwinds of market forces.

Positive results in business are the product of an unswerving devotion to forecasted cash flow and efficient handling of incoming money. Technology tools are valuable to assuring that ending cash balances align with hoped for results.


The concept of cash flow appeals to the basic instincts of a business operator. Starting cash plus incoming cash minus outgoing cash equals cash flow to expand and pay yourself. If you contribute personal funds to your business or borrow from a financial institution, properly accounting for these separately from business income assures knowledge of distinctive cash sources. Projected cash flow for the next six months shows each source and amount of incoming funds along with all cash outflows.

By peering into the dense thickets of forecasted cash flow, you’re able to design precise improvements that avert cash shortages. Cash management is targeting of cash flow. In addition, cash flow projections reflecting anticipated negative cash situations demonstrate to lenders that you have a grip on cash expectations. You don’t wait for amorphous imponderables to manifest into painful problems before seeking solutions.

Help from Tech

Being too busy for scrutiny of financial data is a common slogan of entrepreneurs. You may think of yourself as organized while simultaneously neglecting the crucial organizational matter of cash management. Professional help is available if you have the right system. Toping the list of useful financial devices is accounting software. The correct choice depends on your type of business and how much of a hands-on contribution you can make.

Some cloud accounting software presents data output in simplified formats. This may or might not deliver enough detail for cash flow projections. Greater value is possibly derived from spending a little more for accounting software with a budget model and cash flow reports built into the application. These give your accountant or bookkeeper avenues for rendering useful cash management information about the recent past and upcoming future.


Cash flow information opens your thinking to the most presently urgent actions. You control certain factors affecting cash flow. For instance, spending adjustments on variable expenses and altered timing of large purchases are effective ways of navigating forecasted cash crunches. Moreover, major impacts on cash flow entail business invoicing habits and payment terms offered.

Submitting invoices via email is a proven technique of enhancing cash flow. It takes less time than stamped mail and provides easily accessible records. Some accounting software handles this process for you. Offering simple payment methods is another means to speed incoming cash. Accepting credit and debit cards is only a small step. Advancing to online payment systems and direct debit achieve enhanced collection speed without increasing collection costs. Cash flow reports measure the advantages derived from better payment processing.

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