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Any CPA colleague of The Finance Writer that is either a new accounting business planning for success or a veteran accounting firm making adjustments to achieve successful growth, this article shows the strategy to follow. Stop working too many hours making too little profit for the wrong clients. Get on the path to genuine success in the accounting business. In this article, The Finance Writer conveys lessons learned from personal experience and interviews with CPAs.


Another topic of interest to a CPA practice is QuickBooks training for accountants. This article addresses the main elements of QuickBooks that staff accountants at a CPA practice must thoroughly understand. The object of The Finance Writer for this article is providing CPAs with a means to evaluate and train staff. Doing so permits utilization of less costly accounting staff for QuickBooks cleanup projects prior to preparation of tax returns.


Accountants must stay engaged with clients. This is a call to action for the persons at the top of accounting firms – not just the staff performing rudimentary work. A CPA should call or email the twenty clients with the highest billed amounts every month. But, the others are important too. CPAs can keep them engaged with a newsletter containing high quality articles of a finance writer. The Finance Writer highly recommends a custom branded newsletter that you can find at

The content is always interesting, never boring. Your clients will love to read it. Use the content on your website or in e-mailed newsletters. Special devices are embedded that get response from clients. When you sign up with the service, you can easily make your own design and change articles in Word or Publisher – or in e-mails. You will not have a lock-in fee or a set-up fee. Try it now. You get a 12-month guarantee.


The Finance Writer has worked with many individuals wanting help becoming CPAs. See the post on this site about advice for a successful local CPA practice.

A CPA practice isn’t always about tax preparation work. CPAs are also key advisers to family business operations.

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