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Tax Preparer Careers In The Age Of Tax Preparation Software

A head-spinning number of rules cover various types of tax credits and deductions. Yet somehow questions keep arising about the value of tax professionals and the future of the tax preparation industry. At the root of this concern is tax preparation software and online return filing options that are increasingly popular among a young computer-literate generation. Ignored in this assessment is that an older generation invented personal computers and created the online tools we have today.

Software has certainly eased the pain and cost of tax return preparation for many individuals. This is especially true of younger workers, who tend to have simple tax situations. A lack of computer skills is not what causes older workers to seek tax professionals. Rather, seasoned taxpayers value the knowledge of experts with tax return preparer training to address matters that are more complicated than those of younger people.

Some high-end tax practices – like those operated by tax specialist CPAs or Enrolled Agents – are seeing fewer tax clients early in the year who are switching to choices like TurboTax. However, such tax operations can still thrive. These professionals may have fewer tax clients, but earn more money from the clientele they retain. They tend to deal with individuals who have complex tax circumstances. Some examples are taxpayers with IRS notices or detailed tax calculations. Plenty of tax career opportunities exist to help taxpayers with various problematic situations.

Basic tax preparation companies are also still seeing plenty of clients. These tax preparers offer reasonable fees and especially provide lower-income individuals with several advantages. For instance, a professional with annual tax return preparer continuing education is aware of updates to tax laws. A tax professional knows what expenses qualify for certain tax credits. In addition, tax experts study essential details that taxpayers often overlook, such as eligibility of family members as dependency exemptions and qualification for beneficial Head of Household filing status.

Tax preparation software helps people prepare tax returns correctly if they follow the tax rules. When taxpayers don’t like the result, they can manipulate the software. This doesn’t mean they are dishonest. They are simply unwilling to research the tax code. Tax software does not give all the answers. For example, TurboTax will not reveal that a taxpayer cannot claim a dependency exemption for his girlfriend’s child that lived with him for part of the year.

Individuals with complicated tax issues usually need a professional sooner or later. Someone who finds the tax rules confusing, wisely selects a professional tax preparer right away. Business owners and persons with rental properties or extensive investments usually hire paid tax preparers.

People who plug inaccurate details into tax preparation software are often eventually caught. The IRS is increasingly skilled at finding mistakes or tax-cheating regarding understated income, overstated deductions, incorrect dependent matching, and ineligible claims for tax credits. These individuals are eventually clients for CPAs or Enrolled Agents, who are needed to fix IRS problems. This gives tax practitioners with an even broader avenue to capture ongoing return preparation clients.

The bottom line is that the increasing use of tax software is likely to boost growth of tax preparer careers. The marketing plans of tax professionals should embrace individuals using TurboTax by pointing out the inherent dangers for may people due to changing tax laws and better IRS procedures to find erroneous returns.

Advice For a Successful Tax Return Preparation Business

The existence of income tax filing as a government mandate should not deter a tax preparation business from remembering that it gathers clients in a market process. Although buyers of services from the tax preparation industry are forced consumers, they still choose where to conduct their purchasing. Therefore, tax preparers must market themselves.

Tax preparation veterans have a few points of advice for newcomers to the industry. Among these lessons is that entering the tax preparation business is a commitment to a profession. Although the work is mostly seasonal, tax preparer jobs offer a long-term proposition.

Preparing tax returns involves dedication. Therefore, in addition to learning IRS rules and forms, successful tax practitioners develop a style of dealing with the clients. The tax business is about helping people and remembering that income tax is a forced intrusion into their lives.

A tax return preparer job is usually best conducted by someone specializing in a certain area. The tax code is so enormous that no one can become an expert in all of it. Instead, choosing an area of concentration is best for a tax practice.

Having a specialty contrasts a Tax Return Preparer business from CPA firms, which usually offer extensive services – some of which don’t even involve tax returns. For instance, some specialized tax practices prepare only returns for business owners. A few even promote knowledge about a particular type of business. Most of all, they prepare tax returns only. They don’t attempt to tackle such things as applications for loans or financial aid. Sticking with tax returns is the right process for a tax practice.

Finally, a critical point for new tax professionals is building a solid reputation. The best avenue for achieve this is having a sound base of clientele. The people a tax professional deals with is a reflection of professional credibility. Staying away from shady clients is essential. For example, trouble is sure to follow a tax practitioner who allows clients to report deductions that are strongly suspect. That type of work soon brings only more clients who want help cheating the IRS.

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