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Retaining Clients With Blog Traffic

I’m not an authority about social media… I just read a lot, listen to the experts, and have some successful experience. Social media is really just a great big chamber of commerce gala that’s attended by millions of people and lasts everyday throughout the year. Social media is a tool that facilitates interaction. Use it to meet people and follow up just like your approach to a social event.

Equally important, social media is an outlet for staying on the minds of existing clients. Ignoring existing clients is common. You believe they already know about your services and will contact you when they need something you offer. Keeping in the forefront of your clients’ minds, educating them, and upselling them is crucial to building your business. This is the purpose served by social media.

A blog is a great place to have a steady stream of useful information, success stories, and cautionary tales about people who did not seek your expert services. Your blog receives maximum exposure when influencers share your content. Did you know that some of the top ranked influencers on YouTube have never uploaded any video? These individuals generate traffic to certain videos and deliver high search rankings for select videos by simply posting comments and being active content sharers.

Influencers are people you want to send more readers to your blog and make your clients think that your blog posts are vital features on the internet. If you’re not getting influencers to write your blog for you, at least get them to post comments and share your blog on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. Start by finding people with similar content and share that. A good place to start is the blogs on websites read by a lot of tax professionals. Find out who is sharing these blog posts. Those are your influencers. Finally, get these people to start sharing your blog.

To accomplish this last step, find the influencer online and send a personal message that reads something like this:

Hey, The Finance Writer. I noticed that you shared a blog post on [somebody’s blog] about [some tax subject]. Well I have an article on my blog about a similar topic. Here’s the link: [link to your blog post]. I thought you might enjoy reading it too. — [your name]

This works even better if you write to The Finance Writer that you noticed he commented on the blog of another tax professional and that you tweeted this same blog post written on which he commented. The Finance Writer can then check to make sure you really are sharing good content – not just your own.

This technique sets you apart from competitors and provides the kind of experience that gets people talking about you. So, start today by sharing posts on the blogs of other tax professionals. Then write to The Finance Writer and ask him to comment on your blog and share it on social media.


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